Winter Moving Tips

If you decided to save some money on moving costs and try your luck in the Winter, there’s only 1 problem. It’s cold! Here are some things to consider when moving during the winter months.

1. Don’t pack all your warm clothing. This can hard to remember if you’re moving around New England but if your stuff gets delayed, you’ll be sorry. Pack warm, and pack plenty!

2. No matter where you are. Plan for cold weather, and the hazardous moving conditions that they can produce. Yes, it sometimes snows in Southern States. Temps can dip below 30 degrees in Florida. It doesn’t happen frequently but you should prepare for it. Remember you’ll be on the road awhile.

3. You don’t want to break down so get that car tuned up and mechanicals checked out.

4. Make things easier on yourself, the lifetotes delivery man, and moving company by clearing the sidewalk and driveways of ice and snow at your old and new homes. Accidents can be your responsibility so take every precaution you can to cover yourself for accusations.

5. Your new place needs heat before you move in. There will be many things to deal with on moving in and the last thing you need is a busted boiler.

6. Everything will be in a cold moving van for god knows how long,  so check things that may be susceptible to cold, like liquids, wood products, or electronics.

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