Spring is Here

So you’re moving this summer. You should have your apartment sorted out by now. All there is left is to figure out how the hell you’re going to move all your stuff across town. Do you toss it? Put the big stuff out on the curb? Donate it? Lots of questions to think about. For those frugal students and recent grads hiring a moving company can cost a months rent. Alternatives include doing it yourself. Maybe you have a car or maybe you can borrow someones. How about trying out the new ZipCar vans? That’s always an option if you have a ZipCar account. Then you need a hand carrying the big stuff up and down stairs. It’s a stressful time we know. One thing is for certain. Lifetotes are the green alternative to buying and tossing those cardboard boxes. Plus with the sturdy construction and side handles they make for easy carrying. Plus they take up very little space in the back of your vehicle. Try moving using Lifetotes. We hope you’re move goes smoothly and efficiently.

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