Boston Moving Company Rates: How much should You expect to pay?

Boston Moving Company Rates: How much should You Expect to Pay?

When you are relocating, you need to budget moving costs apart from other expenses. According to a leading Boston moving company, rates vary depending on location, demand, among other things, and Boston moving company rates are no different. As such you need to have a clear idea of certain things such as your destination, volume of stuff needed to be moved, distance to be moved, time of the day or week for moving, and so on.

Hourly Rates or Flat Rates

Boston movers cost can be calculated either as hourly rates or flat rates. While flat rates might appear more expensive, you can fix a firm limit to the cost of moving. However, this will require you to provide the mover with a clear idea of how much stuff you possess and will be moving.

On the other hand, when you select hourly rates, you have greater flexibility in deciding how much of your things you will be taking with you and can also cut costs by doing some of the packing yourself before the movers arrive. In addition you can cut costs by moving during non-peak times when the rates are lower. However, flat rates are more effective when you are moving to another state or relocating abroad.

Hourly Rates

When you retain a moving company by the hour in Boston, you can expect to pay around $100 per hour for a truck and two movers. The actual rate will depend on the time as well as most movers charge slightly more per hour during peak hours. Each additional mover or truck will cost you another $40 per hour. Moreover, most movers will add another half hour to the rates as they expect the customer to pay for the time taken for the truck to arrive at the home and get back to the office.

Number of Movers

If you have a lot of things that need to be moved, you should consider asking for more movers as this will work out to be less expensive. This is especially true if you require help with the packing as well.

Additional Costs

Most movers also charge additionally for packing material such as cartons, tape, and bubble wrap. They will also charge you more if you need to move a piano or any special items. Seniors who need help with packing some of their possessions for storage as they downsize their home will be charged for these additional services. Most movers will also charge extra if you need them to store the goods for a couple of days before you actually move into a new home.

Cutting Costs

If you are looking to cut your moving costs you can do so by disposing of some of your possessions This will help in two ways as the amount of goods to be moved is less, requiring fewer trucks, and movers. Also try completing some of the packing before the movers arrive. Utilizing a service such as Lifetotes a few days before hand will make the moving time shorter and lowering costs. Plus, you are the one in charge of packing and unpacking. Lowering risk of broken valuables and time to find what is located where which allows for easy stress free unpacking. By completing your packing before the movers arrive, you will not have to pay for the waiting time of the truck. Good Luck with your next move!

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Spring is Here

So you’re moving this summer. You should have your apartment sorted out by now. All there is left is to figure out how the hell you’re going to move all your stuff across town. Do you toss it? Put the big stuff out on the curb? Donate it? Lots of questions to think about. For those frugal students and recent grads hiring a moving company can cost a months rent. Alternatives include doing it yourself. Maybe you have a car or maybe you can borrow someones. How about trying out the new ZipCar vans? That’s always an option if you have a ZipCar account. Then you need a hand carrying the big stuff up and down stairs. It’s a stressful time we know. One thing is for certain. Lifetotes are the green alternative to buying and tossing those cardboard boxes. Plus with the sturdy construction and side handles they make for easy carrying. Plus they take up very little space in the back of your vehicle. Try moving using Lifetotes. We hope you’re move goes smoothly and efficiently.

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9 Pairs of Sneakers and 2 Pair of Sandals

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Cheapest Moving Boxes in Town

Whether you’re a booming firm in downtown Boston or 20 yr old college student living on Comm Ave, Lifetotes fits anyone’s budget. $5 per tote includes delivery, 10 day rental, and pickup. Use the totes as much as you need during the 10 day time frame. PVC plastic containers are notoriously sturdy and indestructible. Do 1 trip from your old home to your new home then take it back and fill it up again. We don’t mind. If you need a few more days to rent them that’s alright. Just send an email and we’ll reschedule your pickup free of charge. Lifetotes will handle all your storage and moving box needs quickly and efficiently. Hope to hear from you.

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Plastic Moving Boxes

Winter weather doesn’t stop us from getting the job done. If you live in or around the metro Boston Massachusetts area and looking for moving crates, boxes, containers for your storage needs don’t hesitate to give us a call or send an email to We are flexible with drop off times and pickups. Winter moves aren’t fun at all, especially in crazy New England but luckily we’re here to help make it painless as possible. Green your move with Lifetotes.

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Serving Metro Boston

We’ve been getting a lot of requests from Rhode Island and Connecticut residents. At this time we’re only serving the Boston Area. Mostly apt and small business customers looking for <30 totes. From time to time we will accommodate 100+ tote rentals but those are on a case by case basis.  We look forward to greening your move in Boston!

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Winter Moving Tips

If you decided to save some money on moving costs and try your luck in the Winter, there’s only 1 problem. It’s cold! Here are some things to consider when moving during the winter months.

1. Don’t pack all your warm clothing. This can hard to remember if you’re moving around New England but if your stuff gets delayed, you’ll be sorry. Pack warm, and pack plenty!

2. No matter where you are. Plan for cold weather, and the hazardous moving conditions that they can produce. Yes, it sometimes snows in Southern States. Temps can dip below 30 degrees in Florida. It doesn’t happen frequently but you should prepare for it. Remember you’ll be on the road awhile.

3. You don’t want to break down so get that car tuned up and mechanicals checked out.

4. Make things easier on yourself, the lifetotes delivery man, and moving company by clearing the sidewalk and driveways of ice and snow at your old and new homes. Accidents can be your responsibility so take every precaution you can to cover yourself for accusations.

5. Your new place needs heat before you move in. There will be many things to deal with on moving in and the last thing you need is a busted boiler.

6. Everything will be in a cold moving van for god knows how long,  so check things that may be susceptible to cold, like liquids, wood products, or electronics.

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Our Blog

Welcome to the Lifetotes blog. Feel free to post about your moving experiences or everyday experiences in general. I’d also like to hear about green events and stories. We’re gearing up for the winter but the grind doesn’t stop. Lifetotes Inc continues to work and improve.

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